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Philter Labs

Philter Labs Review

Seeking to address the issue of secondhand smoke and vapor while respecting the rights of those who do and don’t vape alike, Philter Labs created the battery free Pocket vape filter. Philter is a no cloud vape experience for the considerate vaper. Powered by their patented Zero-5 Technology, the Pocket contains a specially layered nanofiltration process designed to filter secondhand vapor for no smoke, and no smell. 


Easy to slip in a pocket or purse, they strived to expand their innovation for more convenient use and created the Phlip, a sleeve that holds both your vape and vape air filter in one. The e cig filter works with thin vape batteries like Stiiizy and as well as traditional stylus-style vaporizers. The design is so that you can hit your vape and then “flip” it around to exhale in the vape smoke filter Pocket. 


The Science

Philter Labs patented Zero-5 Technology takes smoke through 5 chambers that tackle the varied consistency of vapor. Through this process the Pocket reduces odor, absorbs particulates and VOCs, and conclusively reduces emissions so only clean air exits the device. This technology has been harnessed into a 4 inch vaporizer filter and vaping accessory.

Said to incorporate aerodynamic principles, the 1st chamber of the device is an emission pre-treatment, followed by a kinetic energy multiplier. The smoke then enters a phase transition chamber, which changes thermodynamic systems from one state of matter to another via heat transfer. The smoke then enters a particulate treatment meant to reduce pollution in the air before finally reaching an odor reduction chamber. 

The Review

We love this smoke filter for traveling or events where you’re not looking to draw attention to yourself. It’s only 4 inches tall and effectively trapped almost all vapor from even the biggest hits. I didn’t feel I was fighting my exhale and the odor was significantly reduced. For a great video of this walking vape attachment in action, check out @thathighcouple as they take it to one of the busiest places in SoCal — Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles.

There are some cons when it comes to this device though. While the Pocket is only $15, it’s also only good for 200 exhales. If you’re a heavy smoker, this could become expensive over time. Now we understand you won’t grab this if you’re in your own environment, but if you were to hit your pen 20 times a day, the pocket is good for 10 days. Add my fiancé to the mix and the Pocket will only last us 5 days.

If you're not smoking in public often and want to use this strictly for events and day trips, we highly recommend. It's like a little smoke eater! You can find the Philter Pocket and Philter Phlip on

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