If you’re a fan of the internet you’re probably aware of the “monthly favorites” trend among Youtubers and bloggers. Most of the people that do it talk about their favorite makeup product of the month or movie, but clearly we are a different kind of demographic here. We are stoners (I’m reclaiming the word)! The cannabis industry is constantly changing, growing, and creating new products. so I thought it would fun to create own weed-y version of monthly favorites.

Disclaimer: I am legal medical cannabis patient under California prop 215

Raw King Sized Cones ($3.00)

These are great for on the go or when you’re just feeling lazy. Sometimes I really don’t feel like rolling blunt or using a glass pieces, that’s when the Raw Rolling Cones come in handy. I can stuff them and smoke them with no worries. These also burn really evenly and slow which is great if you’re watching a movie while smoking. And the cardboard tip makes sure you enjoy every bit of the cone without burning your fingers.

South Coast Safe Access (Dispensary)

When I first became a medical patient I found the closest dispensary I could find, and although it was decent I wanted to find some place better. South Coast Safe Access in Santa Ana, California is like a mac store and a medical dispensary had a beautiful baby. It’s full of high quality products for really good prices, and the staff is really helpful if you can’t decide what to get. Highly recommended for first time medical patients you’ll feel really comfortable here.

Nug Pendant ($19.99)

If you want to freak out your neighbors to mess with airport security get a faux nug pendant. When I first saw them I didn’t even realize it was fake until I saw the clip on the back. Clip it to you back pack or purse and just watch all the hilarious double takes you’ll get.

Febreze Car Vent Clip ($2.97)

I smoke in my car a lot so after awhile it is covered in weed smell. After several hot box sessions the smell was no longer the good type of dank smell. Even after I washed it, it still had the slight smell of weed. I decided to try the Febreze Car Vent Clips and instantly the problem was resolved and my car smelled super fresh. This was clearly made for stoners.

Mini Beaker Water Pipe ($23.87)

I actually gave this to a friend recently as a birthday gift and she absolutely love it. We got on a video chat together and I watched her take giant rips from this 6 inch water pipe seamlessly and it was her first time ever smoking from a bong! This is great for first timers or anyone who wants a little piece for travel.

Canna-Candies (price varies by location)

I’m usually not a huge fan of edibles, however these canna-candies may have changed my mind. I also picked these up from SCSA (3 for $12). Each hard candy has 60mg of THC which is a pretty decent amount. I usually ate half of one and was at a comfortable level. These we’re great for treating my insomnia, I slept like a baby.

Chocolope (sativa)

Click here to read my strain review on this one. But overall as someone who’s not much of a sativia smoker I surprisingly really enjoyed this one.

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