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Keychain Smoking Accessories

Keychain Smoking Accessories

Maybe you’re on the move, or maybe you’re just super forgetful — these genius smoking accessories have you covered and conveniently fit right on your keychain. While we don’t recommend you use them all at once, these smoking devices will help you elevate your mobile smoking experience and add a little flare to your keyring.

The big innovations come in little packages.

Blunt Splitter

Found easily in smoke shops across the nation, these blunt cutter keychains are designed to provide the perfect cut every time. EZ Splitz patented design allows cigarillos like Swishers and Dutch Masters to glide easily through the plastic cylinder while concealing the stainless-steel blade inside for safe use. It’s so small, nobody will even notice it, except other blunt enthusiasts. 

 blunt splitter EZ Splitz

Keychain Pipes

A keychain pipe is great for their ability to hide in plain site. You can find them in practically any design to match your style, but our favorite is the silicone donut pipe. A small glass bowl sits on one side, complete with a built in screen, to deliver small hits on the go. The icing on top is that the icing on top is removable making this hidden pipe easy to clean! Best part is your mom will just think it’s cute.

donut bowl 

Mobile Stash Jars

These types of keychain containers come in different sizes and shapes depending on how discreet you want to be. The Chrontainer guarantees 100% smell proof and 100% waterproof containers for smokers. Born from a couple of California kayakers, this jar has an airtight seal, can withstand the elements, floats, and can clip right on your keychain. 

 Baked Babe Branded ChrontainerKeychain Stash Jar

Lighter Koozie

Not only will you always have your lighter on you, but this little invention makes it less likely it gets stolen during the smoke sesh. Lighter Leash offers their patented, retractable 30” design that’s stylish and easy to use. Simply fit the end of your lighter into the base and you’re set. It won’t fall out and nobody can pocket your lighter. Crochet options are also popular for lighter holders.

 Lighter LeashCrochet Lighter Koozie

The Rocket Keychain

This little innovation is a grinder, container, funneled dispenser, and one hitter all in one. After grinding your herb in base of the rocket, it sifts into the funneled chamber. When you’re ready to toke, simply pull the mouthpiece allowing your herb to funnel into the mouthpiece. Once filled, you can take a hit. “Another reason not to forget your keychain at home”

Rocket ChambersRocket Keychain

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