How To Make, Eat, & Enjoy Cannabis Edibles

There are various ways to consume cannabis, including eating it. No, you can’t just pop a nug in your mouth like a starburst and get stoned. You won’t get high and will probably feel sick, however you can cook cannabis. No, you can’t sprinkle it on your chicken like salt either. Once again it won’t work. In order to properly consume cannabis it has to be broken down and baked in a certain way in order to receive the THC and/or CBD benefits.

Edibles are one of the most popular forms of cannabis consumption. Not only do users like to make homemade marijuana edibles, but there are also several companies that create unique and tasty weed treats. There are gummies, hard candies, cupcakes, syrups, chocolates, cereals, and so much more. My personal favorite edibles are canna-candies herbal delights (60 mg THC). Edibles go beyond sweets and candies as well. A growing trend in the industry has been full course cannabis dinners by some of the top chefs in the country.

“I enhance the overall experience using cannabis. So you’re getting light dosages throughout the courses, so that perception of the dinner as time goes on is changing for you,” said Chris Sayegh, head chef and CEO of The Herbal Chef. “I think that is beautiful. That’s something relatively unexplored”.

With edibles or cannabis infused food knowing your tolerance in very important. Very often new edible users “overdose”. Although you can’t chemically overdose from weed, having too much of an edible can sure make you feel like you are. Potency and dosage are more difficult with edibles thus why first times usually don’t love their experience.

The main difference between smoking and eating marijuana is its effect on the body. Edibles directly effect the brain which is why it’s easy to feel too high if you have too much. It’s best to start small and wait it out because it usually takes a couple hours for the “high” to kick in. Most people make the mistake of eating a piece, feeling nothing, eating more or the whole thing, then feeling like you’re on the moon. If you do find yourself feeling like you over medicated there are some easy methods to bring yourself back down.

Cannabis edibles are not something to avoid or be scared of though. They are actually healthier than smoking flower or concentrate because you won’t damage your lungs or respiratory system since you’re not inhaling anything. They are also great for patients who have asthma, need high dosage for severe pain, or aren’t able to smoke where they live.

Most dispensaries carry marijuana edibles, however if you want to get more creative and make your own there are various ways to make the main ingredient; canna-butter. You can add cannabis butter to pretty much anything, and it won’t drastically change the flavor of the food. There are also different methods to make canna-butter, but to keep things simple we’re going to go with the traditional stove top method.

This canna-butter was pulled from ‘Stoner’s Delight: Space Cakes, Pot Brownies, and Other Tasty Cannabis Creations‘ by Dane Noon and Lex Lucid.

What You’ll Need:

  • working stove (obviously)
  • 2 cups butter (unsalted)
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 oz cannabis
  • large sauce pan
  • cheese cloth or strainer
  • large bowl


  • Grind up the cannabis as fine as a possible using a grinder or your hands
  • Pour water into the sauce pan
  • Wait until water is boiling and bring to low heat
  • Add butter and stir until it melts into the water
  • Add cannabis and stir until there are no clumps or lumps
  • Place a cover or lid on the saucepan and cook a very gentle simmer for 22-24 hours. (do not exceed this time)
  • Gently stir the mix every fix hours to ensure it does not reduce. If you find the mix reducing ass a few tablespoons of water. This won’t ruin the butter
  • Once the mix is finished sitting turn off the heat and let cool.
  • Place the cheese cloth or strainer over your large bowl and than pour the mix into the bowl. If using a cheese cloth you can squeeze to ensure you get all the mix out.
  • Place the bowl in the fridge and let cool for a few hours or overnight
  • You can scoop the butter out of the bowl once it is done and place in plastic wrapping to keep it fresh and potent.
  • Add to your baked goods and foods as desired and enjoy!

To inspire your cannabis edible creations check out our MMJ edibles board on our Pinterest page.

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