Getting Stoned With Grandma, Interview With MaryLovesGlass!

Imagine smoking weed with your grandma. Unimaginable right!? Well maybe not, older patients are a growing demographic in the cannabis community. About 24% of weed users ,as of July 2016, are between the ages of 45 years-old to 64 years-old. One of those older patients is 60 year-old Mary Reitz or better known on the internet as MaryLovesGlass. She now has reached 13,000 subscribers which is pretty impressive for starting her cannabis channel only a year ago. Mary is a real life stoner grandma who will bake you cookies but will also out smoke you any day. Check out our one on one interview with the dab queen herself.

Q: Why did you decide to become a “weed-tuber”?

A: I did my first unboxing as a joke for my sons. I had no idea that other people would watch it or subscribe. I had so many subscribers at the start that I decided to keep doing it. I had a big learning curve in both cannabis and videos.

Q: Who are some of your favorite “weed-tubers?

A: I like so many “weed tubers” and I rely on them to educate me in the things I’ve yet to learn. The first weed tuber I watched was Jane Dro and then Soundrone. From there I watched Strain Central, Silenced Hippie, Slower Future, Nessies Kitchen and so many more.

Q: Most older patients aren’t as open about their cannabis user, why are you more open about it than most?

A: I feel like I can be open because I’m at the point in my life where as a retired person I’m not building a career, trying to keep a job dealing with drug tests, and trying to protect my family if I need to medicate but have children in the house. I don’t feel the need to met anyone else’s expectations.

Q: According to your Instagram and channel you get a lot of pieces, what are some of your favorites?

A: I do get a lot of pieces. My newest favorites are a beaker bong and dab rig from I have enjoyed a HVY bong which is a rich red color. But I have so many and like them all I have a hard time picking just a few.

Q: Which do you prefer, flower or concentrate? And why?

A: I like the process of getting my bud ready, packing a bowl and smoking. So I would have to say I like my bud….but I love my concentrates. I also feel vaping is a healthier way to medicate.

Q: How do your friends and family feel about your Youtube channel?

A: Most of my friends are stoners so they are cool with the idea. My family doesn’t have any problems with my channel. My sons say that if it makes me happy they are all for it.

Q: What has the legalization of cannabis and having safe access to cannabis done for you personally, your community, or people around you?

A: I first used cannabis in an illegal state. It was a nerve racking experience for me. So when I moved to Washington State which is both a recreational and medical state I felt free to talk about what I was doing. Personally I have met so many people due to the cannabis community. I have friends now all across the U.S. It has greatly improved my health and allowed me to be more socially active. My husband says I’m a bit more mellow, lol!

Q: When did you start smoking weed and why?

A: I started smoking after a good friend of mine, who was a medical cannabis patient himself, recommended it to me. It wasn’t an immediate turn around to the cannabis world. It took a lot of convincing that it really would help me. But I have reduced my prescription medications by three medications, improved my liver function, maintained my faulty kidney function, improved my sleep and reduced social anxiety. I medicate for chronic pain, insomnia, and social anxiety. I can’t take regular prescription pain medications due to my decrease kidney function.

Q: Can you tell us your first time smoking weed story?

A: I first smoked at home with my husband in tow. I used a small spoon pipe which wasn’t the best choice. And I learned quickly what a hot toke was and how to split out scooby snacks! I can’t say I got very high. But I learned quickly!!

Q: What advice do you have for patients who may be afraid to be as open about their cannabis use are you are?

A: Relax and take control of your medication. If you begin to think about it as medicine then you realize it is a wonderful plant put here to medicate us naturally. Then be selective on who you share with. Not everyone needs to know your personal medication use. You wouldn’t report to them if you took a Tylenol. I’m open because I’m in a legal state and all my family who matter to me support me medicating myself.

Make sure to check out her awesome channel and follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Mass Roots. We have also partnered with Mary, and created a exclusive promo code, check out our partnership and find the code in here.

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