Does Eating Mango Before Smoking Actually Get you Higher?


If you’re a true stoner you’ve hear this urban legend before. Apparently if you eat mango, before you toke up you will get higher. Is this really true though? Yes!

Mango boost the already wonderful effects of marijuana due to it’s chemical make up. The chemical makeup of cannabis and of mango are actually have some similarities which is why they work really well when combined.

Myrcene, which is the terpene responsible for giving mangoes their unique smell, is also found in high concentrations in hops and cannabis,” according to “When the myrcene found in mangoes is ingested, it makes cell membranes in the brain more receptive for absorbing the cannabinoids that travel in your marijuana smoke”.

Having a mango before smoking also makes the THC absorb faster, so if you’re in an impatient stoner than this may be the perfect solution. It’s suggested that you eat a mango at least 45 min – 1 hour before smoking.

It hasn’t been fully proven if other fruits also work with this theory. However nuts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and some herbs also contain myrcene so you can technically consume them before smoking and it also boost the THC and the overall high.

So next time you toke up have a mango before and test this for yourself. Also mangos are delicious so even if it doesn’t work you have a healthy stoner snack!

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