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20 Cute Glass Pipes and Bongs You Must See

20 Cute Glass Pipes and Bongs You Must See

Cute glass pipes are so easy to find on Pinterest and Instagram but where do you go to buy them? We have compiled a list of the cutest dab rigs and bongs of 2017 that you can actually buy. Every year the bongs and pipes seem to get cuter and cuter. So we had to rank our favorites of the year. Nothing is more fun than finding a cute bong that is girly yet practical. We have included the link for the item in case you want more information. For an entire collection of pink bongs be sure to check out our online headshop.

Here is our round up of the best girly bongs and dab rigs this year:

1. Leopard Dab Rig

Purple Leopard Dab Rig

This sexy little dab rig has purple and black leopard spots made entire of glass. Could possibly be our favorite of all the girly bongs this year.

2. Fresh Strawberry Glass Pipe

Strawberry Pipe

Summer is upon us and with that comes strawberry season. Get in sync with the season with this super cute, appetite-inducing piece that looks just like a big ripe strawberry!

3. Pina Colada Bong by Empire Glass

 Coconut Dab Rig

Not exactly a girly bong, but definitely a sexy bong. Made by Empire Glassworks, this Pina Colada Bong is a definitely a conversation piece. However, it is still completely function and actually hits really smoothly. This is the best girly bong for a beach babe in your life or for yourself.

4. Frosted Pink Patterned Beaker Bong

A girly bong that packs a serious punch. Stand out in the smoke sesh with this frosted pink designer inspired waterpipe by AMG Glass. This is perfect for the stylish smoker who loves having the latest and hottest trends. You can show your love for function and for style with this cute piece.

5. Gandalf Pipes

Purple Gandalf Pipe

Who says your pipe can’t be your favorite accessory? It can be with this eye-catching High Heel Pipe. It is a very small that can fit in a clutch or purse and is perfect for a couple of good hits.

6. Heart-Shaped Hand Pipe

Heart Shaped Glass Pipe

Nothing says “BFFS” like matching Heart-Shaped Hand Pipes. Although the ones we have available at BadAss Glass are sold seperately, it’d be a nice move to surprise your bestie with one of these bright red pieces that are practical, portable and very stylish.

7. Pink Beaded Beaker Bong 

Studded Pink Beaker Bong

For the girl who likes to be likes to keep it simple but chic this 8-Arm beaker is the one for you. It’s clean and minimal but rips like a champ thanks to it’s ice catcher and perc. It also comes in a variety of colors to fit all styles. A girly bong that guys would want to smoke from.

8. Element Pendant Pipe

Pendant Pipe at BadassGlass

Control the elements with this imaginitive and adorable donut pipe.

9. Frosted Elephant Hand Pipe

Glass Elephant Pipe Large and Small

Loyal, smart and playful, Elephants are the largest land animal on this planet and possibly one of the cutest! This Frosted Elephant Hand Pipe is perfect for any elephant lover. Its round body makes for a comfy hold and its deep bowl is perfect for your favorite herb. This is a classic when it comes to girly pipes.

10.Fumed Square Pipe

Square Cube Pipe

Geometric, cool, and practical.  This square shaped handpipe is unique but also a wonderful pipe with great durability.

11. Penis Bong from Ted Two

Funny Dick Bong from BadassGlass

12. Mint Honeycomb Bong

Mint Bong 

This mint colored honeycomb bong will have your friends saying “Oh my goodness!” Coming in at 8 inches in height this mini bong is super fun and colorful. Take it with you on your next outing with the girls and conveniently stash it away in your bag.

13. Rasta Colored Zong

 Colored Zong Bongs

Another fun Rasta piece we carry is this fun and funky 8-inch Rasta Colored Zong. Not only does this piece look gorgeous, its 5mm-thick borosilicate glass makes it crack and chip proof. Great to have for you guest to enjoy some herb while enjoying a few cocktails.

14. Under The Sea Dab Rig

Ok, this sea-themed dab rig is everything.  You will literally be under the sea with this dab rig, starting with the amazing plants, fish, and the perfect adorable octopus that is ready to leap off and hug you.

15. EYCE Silicon Dab Rig

Eyce Dab Rig - Pink Purple

Setting up the scene for the summer, this Detox Water Dab Rig by Empire Glassworks is just what you need for any pool party or super chill day at the beach.

16.Purple Bees Dab Rig

 Purple Dab Rig with Bees

This purple dab rig is most definitely the bees knees! This super cute dab rig comes in a gorgeous purple color with pink honeybees. Such a creative and wonderfully designed piece that really catches the eye.

17. Elegant Pink Sherlock Pipe

Pink Sherlock Pipe

With its bold pink and black design the Cornerstone Glass Pipe is just the right amount of fun without having to be in the shape of a cute animal or fruit. Its a great piece for everyday use, with a deep bowl for great hits.

18. Little Piggy Pipe

 Piggy Pipe

A cute, girly pipe for those with a sense of humor, is this cute and goofy Little Piggy Pipe.

19.Leopard Bong

 Pink Leopard Print Bong

A delectable treat! Our Cupcake Hand Pipe is a piece that is definitely eye-catching and fun. A smaller hand pipe, the Cupcake Hand Pipe can be stashed in a dress pocket or purse, just whip it our when you’re ready to use it!

20. Pink Elephant Pipe

Pink Elephant Pipe

21. High Heel Pipe

High Heel Pipe for Sale at BadassGlass

So it turns out Cinderella was a smoker, and her glass heel was actually a pipe! This sexy high heel is actually a really well made glass pipe.  With the carb hole located directly in front, this heel is great for lefties and righties.

22. Pink Fumed Chillum Pipe

Pink Chillum Pipe

Beautiful color with a nice donut ring in the middle so you could wear it as a necklace.

23. Spiral Twisted Bong

 Spiral Twisted Bong

Awesome, and affordable.

24. Cupcake Dab Rig

 Cupcake Dab Rig

A delectable treat! Our Cupcake Hand Pipe is a piece that is definitely eye-catching and fun. A smaller hand pipe, the Cupcake Hand Pipe can be stashed in a dress pocket or purse, just whip it our when you’re ready to use it!

25. Pink Mini Bubbler

Mini Pink Bubbler

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