What does Getting Crossfaded Mean?

Curious about getting crossfaded? It's natural to be curious when it comes to enhancing your high or combining drugs. Learn more about what it means to get crossfaded, how it works, and how to get the best experience.

What Does It Mean to Get Crossfaded?

In the simplest terms, crossfading means taking pot and alcohol together. Doing so enhances your buzz beyond just being drunk or stoned alone. Users describe the experience as intense with increased sensitivity to visual, audio, and tactile stimulation.

For some people, these effects are euphoric and enjoyable. For others, the over-stimulation induces dizziness, nausea, or worse. Like with any drug or drug combination, everyone's experience is different.

Thankfully, the negative effects of getting crossfaded are easily avoidable when you take certain precautions. Before we talk about that, however, let's look at how crossfading actually works on the body.


How Does Crossfading Work?

Crossfading is popular because the effects of combining weed and alcohol are much greater than taking either drug on its own. But why?

In a 2001 study, subjects who consumed alcohol with marijuana were found to have increased blood levels of THC as compared to those who only consumed marijuana. Crossfaded subjects also reported increased euphoria and faster onset of effects. This leads us to believe that, when taken together, alcohol increases your absorption rate of THC.

In laymen terms, drinking alcohol makes you more sensitive to THC, allowing you to absorb more of what you smoke or eat. You only need to smoke a little weed to feel a powerful high once alcohol is in your system.


Is Getting Crossfaded Safe?

The good news is that it's almost impossible to overdose on pot, even when drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol poisoning remains a real issue. Worse yet, pot actually reduces your ability to vomit. That's cool when you drink responsibly, but if you drink too much, your body may not be able to properly clean out your system by vomiting, increasing your chance of alcohol poisoning.

Most importantly, never get crossfaded and drive. Even if you think you can drive stoned, getting crossfaded is much more intense. No one can drive safely while crossfaded.

With those disclaimers out of the way, it's safe to get crossfaded responsibly. Just remember to pace yourself. When taken together it takes much less alcohol or pot to get very, very high.


What's the Best Way to Get Crossfaded?

To enjoy a mellow crossfaded experience, we recommend starting with just one or two drinks. A couple shots are all you need to enhance your body's ability to absorb THC. About half an hour later, smoke something small like a bowl or a joint.

Once you're good and stoned, try limiting alcohol consumption to one or two drinks an hour. Don't smoke a bunch more weed, either. Just a few hits get you very high once alcohol is in your system, regardless of your tolerance.

And remember, before getting blitzed out of your mind, make sure you don't need to drive anywhere for a few hours. Never get crossfaded and drive, and don't put yourself in a situation where you have to drive. Uber is your friend.


Be Smart, Be Safe

We all love weed for its mellow buzz and relatively harmless side effects. Whenever you start mixing drugs, however, the results become unpredictable. You never know how your body will react to certain drug combinations, and some combos are downright dangerous. As always, be safe, smart, and responsible when using any drug.

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