Best Pipes for Smoking In Secret

Best Pipes for Smoking In Secret


Sometimes you have to sneak a toke, it happens. But rolling a blunt is a big giveaway, smoking out of a glass pipe is a little too obvious, and taking a rip from a giant rig is way too obvious to pull off smoking in settings where you don’t want people to notice that you’re actually doing it it. Instead of taking the chance of being blatantly caught use a disguised metal pipe.

Metal pipes are great for flower or concentrates, and their small size make them great for quick personal use. You can use them in your room, in your car, or outside without anyone being able to clearly tell that your are carrying or using a pipe.

On our site we have a variety of disguised metal pipes for all for under $20. Here are some of our personal favorites. Also we are doing a GIVEAWAY on a few of these featured pipes, visit our Facebook and Twitter page to find out how you can win one of these pipes.


The name says it all, the Sneaktoke is cool little metal and rubber one hitter. All you do is add a screen and your flower to the metal chamber, close it, light, and then smoke. It the size of flash drive so can easily fit it into your pocket.

Metal Cigarette One Hitter

This is a old school fave for a quick secret session. A fake metal cigarette with a metal bowl for your flower. Puff puff pass away at what everyone thinks it’s tobacco but it’s actually some lovely legal herbs.

Mushroom Key Chain

This pipe looks like a regular useless keychain when it’s all put together, but when you take it apart it’s a cool little piece! When you unscrew the pieces and rearrange them it’s a perfect little pipe with quite a deep bowl for such a small keychain. And when you’re done just reattach it.

Car Alarm Pipe

You know that little button for your car that allows you to lock and unlock your doors? Yea image smoking out of that. Well now you can with this super in disguise car alarm pipe. Just pull the ring out of encasing and inside is a fully functioning metal pipe. There’s no way someone will find this unless they have on as well.

Bracelet Pipe

This one is great for traveling or for outside events, like music festivals. It’s a stylist colorful woven bracelet in plain site, but when you unscrew it’s a pipe that also includes a screen. It can get wet or covered in dirt and dust and still work excellently.

Foldable Magnet Pipe

This secret pipe is the size of a finger but it packs a lot of punch due to its wide bowl. Folded it’s a rectangular tetris looking piece that can fit in your wallet or pocket. Unfold it and it’s magnets snap it into a fully functioning pipe

Lighter Pipe

Don’t be confused this pipe for your actual lighter, that’s how real it looks. This requires a bit more attention to put together but its works all the same. Flick the top up, and to the right of the bowl there is a metal stick. Take that stick and screw into the hole on the bottom, once all that is done then you can smoke your bud. This is another piece that is almost impossible to tell is a pipe off first sight.

Lipstick Pipe

This a must have piece for all the lady smokers of the world. It has the standard lipstick packaging but once you take the top and bottom pieces off it’s a adorable lipstick shaped pipe. Throw this in your purse or clutch when you’re on the go and enjoy a quick little bowl anywhere.

There so many other secret pipes, like a flashlight and spark plug pipe, and all of them are available here on our site.

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