Cannabis Content Creators to Watch

You can literally find anything on YouTube. “There are beauty gurus, lifestyle vloggers, and even cannabis content creators, who cover cannabis news, reviews, and more!” “Weed-tubers” have become a growing community online and rightfully so. Cannabis users come from all walks of life, and although most of us know this it’s a different thing actually seeing it.

There’s also something kind of comforting about seeing someone smoke weed safely versus hearing about it. And because YouTube allows real time conversation and comments its easy to get questions answered by fellow viewers or the creators them selves.

Like with all content creators, their purpose is to either educate, entertain, or sometimes do both. All of the creators listed below will either make you laugh, teach you a new smoke trick, or show you how to grow. Whatever you’re interest level I’m sure you’ll find what you’re look from one of these awesome weed-tubers.

Silenced Hippie

Sasha is 23-year-old medical marijuana user from Rhode Island. She has over 260,000 subscribers on her channel “Silenced Hippie”, all about her love for cannabis. Here content is very diverse, from vlogs, to smoke sessions, and how to videos you’ll be entertained. She also partners with several cannabis companies or charitable organizations to create videos that give back to her viewers.

Mary Loves Glass

“Trying to let people see that cannabis user can be grandma’s. Even a previously closed mined person can change themselves up to the world of marijuana,” she says in her channel description. Mary of ‘Mary Loves Glass’, is an older cannabis user but don’t let her age fool you. She especially has a love for dabbing and taking big bong rips. With over 12K subscribers and 250 videos, many being product reviews, she’s growing in popularity everyday.

Strain Central

Josh, the creator of ‘Strain Central’, is the smoking buddy that you’ve always wanted. He’s always positive and friendly in every video and encourages to his viewers to stay positive as well (aww). He’s another weeb-tuber that has a lot of diverse content. Some of his videos no one has ever done before such as his dabsketball and smoking out of a pretzel video. He also does a news segment, Weed Tube Wake & Bake, where he does a quick update of cannabis use all around the world. Educational and entertaining all in one stop.

High Rise TV

This is entire cannabis entertainment channel, it’s not just one creator and one type of content. One of their most popular shows is “2 Girls 1 Bong”. It sounds exactly like the title, two girls smoking weed together in crazy challenges or just having chill smoke sessions. Their other shows include “The Pre-Roll”, where you can learn how to roll challenging joints. And “High AF” where special guest smoke those joints and answer questions. The channel uploads content just as a regular television network would, with different shows and new episodes every week.

The Stoner Mom

Most mother’s talk down on weed and would never touch it, but not “The Stoner Mom”. She runs her channel, writers reviews on her fully loaded website, a podcast with her fellow stoner/grower husband, and she’s a full time mom. The stoner mom discusses how weed has helped her manage her anxiety, depression, and mega busy life style to hopefully convert more moms to be more accepting of the benefits of cannabis.

Crutch 420

We all have that one stoner friend that is down to try anything and smoke out of anything and it is incredibly entertaining. Crutch 420 is that friend. Joe, the creator, is also very educated on strains and supplies as well. His strain reviews are made really well with high quality images so you can see ever terp. If you’re a newbie to cannabis and want to learn as much as possible or a pro looking for new things to try this is the channel to watch.

There are so many other great cannabis YouTubers, however these are just the ones that we personally really enjoy. Bad Ass Glass has a channel as well! Although we don’t have a bunch of cool smoking videos you can see a live demo of our products. And feel free to leave a comment of some weed-tubers you love so we can check them out!

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