8 The Best Stoner Destinations : Weed Friendly Vacation Spots

The 8 Best Stoner Vacation Destinations

Stoner tourism is a very real and awesome thing, allowing passionate smokers to experience different cannabis cultures and exotic strains of bud from the world over without fear of legal repercussion.

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Of course it is! That's why we've created this list of the top stoner destinations in the US and around the world. These locations have the best accommodations for marijuana enthusiasts, from pot-farm walking tours to weed-friendly hotels. Get ready to plan your next vacation to one of these heavenly hash havens.


Stoner Destinations in the USA

Before traveling anywhere in the USA for marijuana tourism, be sure to thoroughly inspect local laws. These are common restrictions to keep in mind:

Although recreational marijuana use has been legalized in individual US states, pot is still illegal under federal law.

You must be 21 in all US states where marijuana is legal to purchase or consume recreational marijuana.

It's illegal and stupid to drive under the influence of marijuana in any state.

It's illegal to consume marijuana in public anywhere in the US.

Each state has different laws about how much weed you can carry, who you can buy it from, and how you can transport it.



California's a BIG state, and now that marijuana is formally legalized for both medical and recreational use, it's tough to choose just one region to visit. One thing all of California has in common is growing some of the best bud on the planet after years of experience perfecting medical-grade strains.

Looking for a star-studded weed vacation with all the best that money can buy? Visit Los Angeles to smoke celebrity weed strains (yeah, that's a thing!), eat 5-star weed cuisine, and enjoy soothing massages performed with luxurious weed-infused oils.

The weed-and-wine tours in San Francisco may be more your speed if you prefer scenic country sides and historical architecture. The classy smoking lounges and dispensaries found in this city are perfect for those seeking a serene vacation.

Coachella is another booming vacation destination for stoners, boasting plenty of pot-friendly lodging and accommodations. Oh, and there are more dispensaries than even makes sense, so you're always within arm's reach of stellar pot. Check out Coachella if you want a low-key vacation that lets you really enjoy nature.



As one of the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana use, Colorado is considered by many stoners to be a sort of motherland. Although recreational marijuana use is legal all over the state, Denver is the place to be if you want to experience first-class marijuana tourism. Enjoy 420-friendly hotels and transportation, not to mention the countless dispensaries available all over the city. Cannabis-themed events are also held in Denver all year.

The weed industry has had plenty of time to settle in Colorado, so there's everything from weed bakeries to high-end glass shops to keep stoners busy between events. Of course, you can also explore Denver's lively eco-tourism scene and unforgettable mountain views.



Nevada's relatively new weed culture can't contend with states like Colorado or Washington, but that's understandable considering all the other legal vices available in Las Vegas. Along with breathtaking desert vistas and world-class entertainment, legal marijuana is just one of the many reasons to visit this beautiful state.

Predictably, the majority of Nevada's legal dispensaries are located in Sin City, so start there if you're looking for the best selection of bud. Don't expect to smoke at casinos, clubs, or on the street, though. Plan ahead and book a weed-friendly hotel to have a safe and legal place to smoke before hitting the town.



Oregon isn't as cool as California, as sexy as Nevada, or as centralized as Colorado, so it's sometimes forgotten when we talk about weed tourism. Discounting Oregon would be a terrible mistake, though, since this weed-friendly state offers visitors unmatched natural beauty. Most of the action is in Portland, of course, where fairs, festivals, and other marijuana-themed events happen year-round. You can find dispensaries, 420-friendly lodgings, and organized weed tours throughout the state if you prefer a quieter vacation, however.



Like many states to legalize recreational marijuana, pot is legal throughout Washington but retains a “hub” city in Seattle. This is where most weed tourists go to find the best weed, lounges, and nightlife that Washington has to offer.

Importantly, Seattle hosts Hempfest every August. This event should definitely be on every stoner's bucket list as it's the world's largest annual gathering devoted to the legalization and celebration of marijuana. That, and it's one hell of a party.


Stoner Destinations Around the World

The United States is relatively progressive about weed laws compared to the rest of the world. In fact, legal recreational marijuana consumption around the world is rare and usually restricted to local residents (we're looking at you, Uruguay).

That said, pot occupies a gray-zone of legality in countries like the Netherlands or Spain. Weed may technically be illegal in these countries, but the locals and authorities won't bother you if you remain respectful and pay in cash.

Scoring weed in such places may even be deceptively easy. Due to the dubious legality of marijuana in other countries, always be on the lookout for those trying to rip you off or set you up. Hotel staff are usually a safe place to start, as they have a vested interest in keeping you out of jail.

Finally, we don't endorse doing anything illegal in foreign countries. If you WERE to go outside the USA for weed tourism, however, the next three destinations are prime stops for any pothead's pilgrimage.



While it's not the most original weed-cation destination, Amsterdam remains one of the most exciting cities for marijuana tourism. There are the coffeeshops, clubs, and annual pot events, sure, but this charming city has even more to offer the curious adventurer. Magic mushrooms are also sold openly in the city, and no one will judge you for taking a peek down the infamous Red Light District.

Before you buy your ticket, though, it's important to understand that weed, mushrooms, and prostitution are all actually illegal in the Netherlands. These industries fall under a legal gray area and are only tolerated within Amsterdam, meaning the police won't bother you so long as you follow their simple rules. Remember only to smoke in coffee shops, and don't be an ugly tourist when you hit the streets.



It may shock you to learn that until 2015, weed in Jamaica was illegal in all forms. Today, possessing up to two ounces for personal use is decriminalized, while medical marijuana is legal. That doesn't mean it's totally safe for tourists to buy or smoke weed in Jamaica without prescription, but the general attitude among locals is that weed tourism is good business. For that reason, authorities tend to turn a blind eye, and tourists are often offered to purchase pot before they even ask.

As a bonus, psychedelic mushrooms are 100% legal on the island, and can be purchased raw or in tea. There are even magic mushroom retreats for those seeking a spiritual experience.



Marijuana holds a nebulous position in Spanish law, one which locals and tourists alike are willing to exploit. Most Spanish people are positive or neutral about the drug, and it's not uncommon to see people smoking in public despite the law. Membership to one of the country's hundreds of cannabis clubs is easier to get than an Uber, too, allowing members to legally purchase and smoke weed in peace.

Unfortunately, membership is only for Spanish citizens. Enterprising tourists should have no problem finding a friendly local to help them score, however, especially if you stick to hot spots like Barcelona.


Have a Nice Trip!
Marijuana activism still has a long way to go before weed is legal and available across the world, but a lot of progress has been made since the turn of the century. For now, weed tourists still have a great selection of vacation destinations to choose from in and out of the US. Always be smart and buff up on local laws before making plans, and most importantly have an awesome trip!

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