8 Medicated Treats Perfect for a 420 Party

Back in the early stoner days the only edible options were home made pot brownies and cookies. They were usually extremely potent or didn’t work at all because people we not making them with lab equipment and things like that. Now a day marijuana edibles have evolved so much and thank goodness!

Now you can have an edible and know exactly how strong it is and how much you should eat or even drink. There are also many ways to make edibles at home that are equally as measurable and safe, thanks to more detailed canna-butter recipes and a magical cannabis butter machine that even does all the work for you. Check out our previous post all about “How to Make, Eat, and Enjoy Edibles“.

In this case were going to be highlighting some unique and edibles by some top cannabis brands. All of these can be found at your local dispensary or cannabis club. You can also search on each of these brand on Weedmaps to find which dispensary would carry them.


Sweet & Spicy Medicated Hot Wing Sauce by DNG Medicated

Image Credit: www.herbalsolutions420.com

Yes, you read that correctly a medicated hot wing sauce does exist. What a time to be alive! DNG Medicated hot wing sauce comes in a variety of flavors including hot, honey barbecue, and sweet & spicy. Each bottle has 120 mg of THC, so tossing this sauce into a bowl of wings is just enough. If you or your party guest east 2-3 wings you’ll feel comfortably stoned. If that’s not enough for your 420 party, they also create medicated organic olive oil and medicated lemonade.

  • Price: $15/bottle
  • Strength: 120mg

Medicated Potato Chips by Yummi Karma

Image Credit: OC Weed Review

I have had these chips and they are one of my all time favorite edibles ever, and for good reason because they are so delicious! Each bag is only 50mg each so you can each a whole page if your experience with edible and feel nicely lifted. These medicated potato chips by Yummi Karma come in many flavors and are snack sized so these are perfect for a party. Each guest can have their flavor of choice, including salsa picante, zesty ranch, siracha, nacho cheese, sour cream & onion, and salt & pepper.

  • Price: $5/bag
  • Strength: 50mg

Shatter butter Chocolate Drizzle Medicated Coffee Cake by Our Medicated 420 Creations

Image Credit: @ourmedicated420creations Instagram

Our Medicated 420 Creations based in Long Beach, California makes all your edible dreams. They have sour straws, sour gummy bears, snicker cover twinkles, oatmeal cream pie, oreo cookie honey buns, and so much more. They are all medicated with high quality CBD and shatter so they are strong. The Shatter butter Chocolate Drizzle Medicated Coffee Cake ranges from 200 – 400mg of THC and 1.87mg of CBD. These edibles are for the experienced only but they are so big and flashy they make a great conversation dish or desert for a weed-y party.

  • Price: $10 – $25
  • Strength: 200 – 400mg

Bionic Gummies by True Bionic Treats

Image Credit: Instagram

These dummies only have 2 per pack but that is truly all you need because these bad boys have 115mg per gummy and are made with concentrate instead of flower. You’re basically eating a edible that has the strength of a dab. I’ve tried this as well and they are also really tasty without a harsh or weed-y aftertaste. Just pop one of these into your mouth and you’re very stoned. These also come in different flavors including grape, berry, and peachTrue Bionic Treats also make fun rainbow sugar cookies called “unicorn poop”, which would also would be fun treats for a party.

  • Price: $10/bag
  • Strength: 115mg

Sprig Soda by Sprig

Image Credit: Thetastebuds.com

If you’re looking to step up your 420 game even more add some medicated soda by Sprig into a cooler and keep you’re guest refreshed and happy all night night long. These cannabis sodas were the first of their kind in the industry and are still one of the most recommended cannabis drinks. Although it’s lower in THC with only 45mg this is perfect for the lesser experienced edible users or those that just want to take easy. They have a lemon-limey flavor to and once again no weed-y after last.

  • Price: $8/can
  • Strength: 45mg

Cannabis Quencher Juice by VCC

Image Credit: OC Weed Review

This is another medicated drink option if you’re not into sodas. These cannabis quenchers by VCC are known for for packing a punch. Each bottle contains 200mg of THC made with cannabis extract. They come in the flavors old fashion lemonade, hibiscus, pomegranate, and passionfruit. They also have a CBD mango flavor for those that don’t want too get high, that contains 40mg of CBD and 40mg of THC. It’s not suggested that you drink the whole 16oz bottle in one sitting but if you do you’ll definitely need to be prepared.

  • Price: $14/bottle
  • Strength: 200mg

Cookies & Cream Medicated Ice Cream by Drip Ice Cream

Image Credit: dripicecream.com

Like mentioned earlier the edibles industry has come a long way from pot brownies to medicated ice cream. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner! Drip Ice Cream, based in Portland, Oregon, creates high quality and all natural cannabis infused ice cream. Their flavor are salted caramel, coconut lemon zest, cookies & cream, and honey lavender. They also created each flavor with a regular dose option and a extra strength dose option. The regular contains 15mg of THC and the extra strength contains 75mg of THC. Have a medicated ice cream sundae party for 420 maybe? Yes!

  • Price: varies per location
  • Strength: 15mg-75mg

Canna Candy by Herbal Delights

Image Credit: OC Weed Review

These are another medicated treat that you can just pop in your mouth, wait for an hour, and then feel comfortably stoned. These canna-candies by Herbal Delights contain 60mg of THC and come in a ton of flavors! The are basically weed jolly ranchers. You can also usually find a good deal on these as well. At my local dispensary they offer them for 3 for $12. Get a handful to share with your friends for 420.

  • Price: varies per location
  • Strength: 60mg

Header Image Credit: Foothillwellnesscenter.com

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