6 Cannabis Podcast to Listen to During Your Next Sesh

In the last few years podcast have become one the most popular forms of modern entertainment. Now you’re probably wondering whats the difference between listening to a radio talk show versus listening to a podcast?

The main difference is the format and rules. Because podcast are usually independently broadcast or published they don’t have to follow the same content regulations as traditional radio talk show, which means podcast host can pretty much say whatever they want. This also means you, the listener get to listen, laugh, and learn about your topic of choice in the most un-filtered way possible.

Listening to a podcast during or after a smoke sesh because they usually run for about 40 min. – 1 hour, sometimes a bit more. You can sit and sesh with friends while listening or enjoy by yourself after a solo sesh. Whichever you choose here are some great funny or educational podcast to listen to while stoned.


No 1. Buddfeed

No Buzzfeed does not have a cannabis affiliate, this a creation of the Olivia Alexander. She’s known as the “Kush Queen” & “Weed Bae” on social media; Olivia bring on her fellow women in cannabis on to the show to talk about all things…you guessed it..weed! Her, her friends ,co-host, and guest have years of experience in the cannabis industry an it’s always an interesting conversation.

No. 2 Mom & Dad Are Stoned

This podcast is the creation of weed-tuber and cannabis advocate, The Stoner Mom, along with her husband. The Stoner Mom and her husband spend a lot of time around weed because he is a grower and she’s an at home mom of 4. This show offers a whole new perspective from a more mature and un-likely stoner perspective.

No.3 The Read

If you want to laugh until you cry during your next sesh The Read is the perfect podcast to listen to while stoned. Internet personality Kid Fury and Crissle talk about current news on all subjects; politics, pop culture, entertainment, current events, etc. They also are very open about their love to cannabis, especially edibles. Listen to The Read during your next smoke sesh, you won’t regret it.

No. 4 Cannabis Confidential with Dr. Dina

Dr. Dina is the original queen of cannabis. She founded one of the first medical dispensaries in Southern California, and has been a cannabis consultant to doctor some of the biggest celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, The Game, and 2Chainz. All still clients of hers. Dr. Dina is the woman to listen to and learn from if you have any interest in weed, she knows it all.

No. 5 Estrohaze

“EstroHaze is a media company and community which highlights the business and lifestyles of multicultural women in cannabis. The podcast provides edutainment featuring the NEW face of cannabis: ambitious, free, and focused,” as according to their Soundcloud profile. Estrohaze is a team of 3 black women in Denver, Colorado building a name for them self in the cannabis industry. This is another podcast that come from a new stoner perspective.

No. 6 Cannabis & Coffee Podcast

“A Cannabis industry community where we share the stories of Budtenders, Extractors, Edible Companies, Marketers, Dispensary Owners and more. People are interested in what happens behind the scenes. We bring to light these wonderful people who are making a positive difference” according to their iTunes profile. The Cannabis & Coffee podcast is great to listen to during a wake and bake. The conversation is light hearted and education, all levels of stoners will enjoy this one.

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