10 Apps Every Cannabis User Needs to Download

Are you in need of a smoking buddy? There’s an app for that. Don’t know what kind of strain you should try next? An app for that. Need to weigh your weed but don’t have a scale? There’s an app for that as well. With apps for nearly every problem or interest these days, of course there are apps for the huge cannabis community. Whether you are a new user or a marijuana expert, it’s always cool to learn more about the industry and stay updated on the newest trends and strains. Here are 10 apps that are perfect for all levels of cannabis connoisseurs.

1) Leafly

Find nearby dispensaries, dispensary reviews, strain information, strain reviews, and strain recommendations, and more all in one place. Leafly is the great for those who are interested in trying cannabis and just don’t know where to start. If you been tokin’ and smokin’ for a while this app is a great resource as well to learn about the newer strains and concentrates.

2) Mass Roots

Ever wanted a social media platform strictly for marijuana users, then you need to download Mass Roots. It’s like Instagram, but instead of pictures about detox teas and waist trainers all photos are marijuana related. Share photos of that beautiful bud or that new shiny rig for all your fellow cannabis followers to appreciate along with you.

3) Weed Maps

Weed Maps is basically the Yelp of medical marijuana dispensaries. Just turn on your location, and Weed Maps will find the medical dispensaries or delivery services closet to you. You can also see a dispensaries entire product line up, prices, and reviews before going to make sure you are choosing the right one.

4) Duby

If you’re don’t have friends you can toke with, you’ll probably love the Duby app. It’s like Tinder but for finding stoner friends. And instead of liking for disliking a photo you pass the blunt or put it out. If you both pass the blunt you can private message and before you know it you have a new smoking buddy.

5) Nugg

You ever really need to restock on your marijuana supply but you just don’t feel like getting up, no worries Nugg can help. View, select, and order your medical marijuana for delivery or pick up. This is also great for those MMJ patients who don’t have reliable transportation or are unable to drive for health reasons. Just like any other delivery app, it sends you a notification you when you’re order is ready and it’s way. This app is a marijuana miracle.

6) MyCanary

Although this app was not specifically designed for cannabis user this is a great tool to see how different strains affect your mind and body. MyCanary has a simple interface that allows users to do short test on their memory, reaction time, perception of time, and balance. We all know at least one person who had a bad trip experience, use this to prevent it in order to know what exactly you’re tolerance is. Overmedicating is never the end goal, feeling well is.

7) Pot Snob

If you are someone who loves looking at buds and knowing exactly what’s in them and how they work this app is for you. Pot Snob claims it will “transform the way you look at weed”. This one is for you #WeedNerdNation.

8) 420 Singles

Couple’s that smoke together stay together, right? At least the 420 singles app thinks so. If you’re someone that wants a partner that enjoys cannabis just as much as you do this is the dating app you’ve been waiting for. It works just like most dating apps, swipe nearby users until you find a match and then private message to set up a cannabis infused date.

9) Weed Scale 420 (Android only)

Weigh your bud without having to invest in an in expensive scale with this free scale app specially designed for weighing weed. As long as you follow the instructions on the app on how to weigh you never have to worry about if you go a little less than what you paid for again.

10) Postmates

You’ve prepared your bud, stuffed in into your water pipe, turned on a movie, and you’re ready to smoke. But then you realized you are missing the most essential tools for a successful smoke session, a lighter and munchies. There are many delivery service apps but Post Mates will literally deliver almost anything. Order a lighter and a few snacks, Postmates will pick it up and bring it straight to your door for a small delivery fee. The only thing they won’t deliver is the weed itself (and live animals).

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