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Ultimate Stoner Kit - Essential Items Every Smoker Must Have!

Ultimate Stoner Kit - Essential Items Every Smoker Must Have!

Every smoker has his or her own set up, whether you prefer flower, dabs, or both. Every stoner has their custom “ultimate smoker kit” that contains all of their valuable and essential smoking items and also be convenient and easy to carry, allowing you to smoke anywhere you go without having to stop at a smoke shop to buy new items every time you go somewhere.

If you are a frequent traveler or adventure seeker, it is very essential to have all the right tools to sit back and enjoy a sesh. These items are all popular among smokers due to their convenience, durability, and ability to be discreet.

Pokeball Herb Grinder

This metal Pokeball herb grinder is great for the portable smoking kit. Not only does it bring nostalgia but it is a nice little piece to have in your kit. The metal teeth easily grind through herb, and the kief catcher collects all excess material for another sesh. Add this  poke-ball herb grinder to make any on the go sesh an enjoyable and convenient one. 

Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 by CookiesSF

If you enjoy the occasional blunt or joint, the Cookies Rolling Tray is great for rolling on the go. You can use the large section of the tray to roll while the smaller tray slides to use as an ashtray. The small holes that run along the tray are great for holding your cones or hand-rolled smokes. There is an addition hole perfect for your lighter. Never worry about spilling or making a mess again with the rolling tray on your lap!

OCB Rolling Papers

Created In France, OCB is quickly becoming one of the most popular rolling papers, even rivaling the likes of RAW. OCB Premium rolling papers are made for maximum slenderness and a slow burn, offering an unmatched rolling experience. The papers are made from natural flax plant fibers and are so thin they are virtually transparent.  Find out why every experienced smoker has some OCB rolling papers in their set up and try these out for yourself!


Smokebuddy Jr. - Personal Air Filter

The Smokebuddy Jr is a  pocket size and handy air filter. The smokebuddy jr filters out the odor when you blow into the filter and odorless air comes out the other end. Smoke where you want, and when you want without worrying about secondhand smoke or a smelly car. The convenient size and environmentally friendly material make this a must have for all smokers, especially if you're tired of having your car or surrounding area smell.


Block Wax Container

The block wax container is made of a nonstick, food grade silicone so you wont ever have to worry about wasting your wax by scraping it. Conveniently made with seven small compartments, this block wax container keeps you organized and you wont ever have to worry about misplacing your wax again.

18mm to 14mm Glass Converter

Not the flashiest item on the list, but definitely a must-have. This converter will keep you from worrying about your downstem, by fitting a small downstem to a bigger base. You save money and the stress of having to know your downstem's size. Just pop this converter in and away you rip! This item proves how essential it will be with your stoner kit next time you buy the wrong downstem.


Waxmaid Blunt Bubbler

This little blunt bubbler will only make your smoking experience so much better. Working almost like a mini bong, this little bubbler filters out your smoke and controls the temperature, giving you cool hits with every puff you take. Made with platinum cured, BPA free, FDA approved silicone, this bubbler is indestructible as it is convenient.